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A community of like-minded individuals with a love for psychedelics, the present moment, and healing societal traumas for a future built for spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing.​

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The Microdose Movement is a community based psychedelic education platform providing high quality, empowering, and relevant educational material. 

Grass roots, local, and resilient communities are essential to find a sense of peace and calm in the rapidly changing psychedelic industry. 

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Microdosing, It’s A Lifestyle

Introduction If you are like most of us who are microdosing you are doing it to help boost your creativity, presence, insight, and clearance of old patterns that no longer serve us. If you haven’t been microdosing, you’ve surely heard a bit about it by now.  The benefits seem almost too good to be true, given the minimal side effects and high efficacy when compared to their synthetic drug counterparts who strive to achieve the same beneficial outcomes. So how is it that microdosing psychedelic substances can produce such potent and lasting effects with such subtlety? The key player in…

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Microdosing, What’s It All About?

Introduction Microdosing, in its current conceptual form, started to gain steam during the late 2010’s in Silicon Valley. The truth is, that it has likely been practiced for as many millennia as humans have been interacting with psychedelic substances. The act of microdosing involves periodically taking sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic drugs, like mushrooms or LSD, to experience reported benefits such as increased cognitive ability and creativity levels with less anxiety or experienced negative emotions. Those who have integrated microdosing into their life report long-term benefits that include: improved mood, better eating and sleeping habits, and less reliance on caffeine (1). …

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